Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Art of Driving

A break from my political rantings in today's post. Came across the work of photographer, Andrew Bush and his series of images taken while driving,of other people driving. Startlingly personal photographs that seem to peer into the seemingly private lives that we have while getting from point A to point B. Enjoy Drive 66

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ghost Bikes

As gas prices continue to climb upwards to the $5.00 mark this summer, more and more people are hopping on their bikes for shorter trips or even to work. I have taken it up a few days a week to save gas as well as try and reduce inflation around my middle.

So when you are driving through the streets, be especially cautious of more bicyclists as well as more inexperienced cyclists that may be on the road. I just came across this group that memorializes those who have been killed by drivers by erecting a "permanent" marker at the site of such fatalities. Hopefully, people will realize that the roads are to be shared by all!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Portland Minds Their Ps and Qs

Folks up in Portland are "hoppin" mad. Seems they've had enough of the local publicans shorting them on their promised pints. Those who have been to the northwest know that some of the best brews made come from these environs. So a local beer blogger has instituted a sort of watch list for local suds fans to spot check their favorite pubs and make sure that a pint by any other name is a pint. If you're in the area, lend a hand by tipping a "pint" or two and e-mailing your findings. Because next thing you know, that 32 pints of gas you are paying $4.00 for through the nose for isn't exactly a gallon! Beervana