Monday, March 31, 2008

Write a Letter This Week

A few weeks ago I was given a bag full of old letters that I had received as a teenager. They had been stored somewhere in my parent's house and recently discovered by my brother. In reading over a few of them, I came to think of how this generation will not have ever received or sent a personal letter. E-mail, IM, MySpace and Facebook as well as text messaging are the defacto means of communication. These letters, from Aunts, old girlfriends, cousins and friends are a time machine of sorts. A way of looking back at where my head was 30 plus years ago. Will kids ever look back through old e-mails? The physicality of the letters themselves is as important as that of a book, or even say an LP (as opposed to an MP3). I must admit I haven't written a letter in a long time. But having said that, I promise I will write one this week. And so should you!

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