Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fall in Southern California

Well, fall has officially arrived! And that means the scorching dry, hot winds that bring with them the firestorms that we have become increasingly used to. I have always said to my relatives, friends and associates who live in hurricane prone areas, or cold climes that yes, we do have earthquakes here, but at least there is no earthquake season!

But fire season is now as predictable as any other season. And with it comes the horrible losses of homes and the personal histories that are wrapped inside them. We hear all too often the words, "well at least we are safe, that it's only things." But we should not diminish these losses of "things" as insignificant. Yes, our homes are filed with replaceable things, TVs, furniture and clothing, just to mention a few. But we also hold on to things that matter. Our child's first drawings, baby shoes and although most photos are being held hostage on a hard drive that we can grab on the way out the door as we grab the family pet, many years of photos from generations that have passed turn to ash, and with them, the images that tie our families together through history.

On TV the images of firefighters and helicopters attempting to quell the wall of fire at times can seem enthralling to us who sit in our homes safe from the flames. But once we stop and think of how we would cope with losses like this, the reality is stunning. My thoughts are with all who were affected by last weekends fires, as well as with those men and women that risk their very lives to protect not only our future, but our past as well.

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