Wednesday, November 05, 2008

" Dad, he did it! We did it!"

It is strange to sit and write once again in my blog that I know that maybe fewer than 10 people actually look at, but write I must. Because all that I have noted on these pages over the past year concerning the state of our country and this election was a way for me to put down just how important it was for things to change.

And last night, change it did. My eyes filled with tears, not when results were first announced, but when my daughter called from college with excitement in her voice, "Dad, he did it. We did it! I can't believe it!"

And I told her that the victory was hers. That the energy and hard work of her generation made this possible. That the problems that we have here at home and abroad, and the mess of the environment that we have made must now be attended to. There certainly has been a sea change with this election. And I see that change not just as an incredible lifting of the hatred and fear of racism in this country, but one of the hope for a future for this country and the world. A world that moves forward to offer opportunity for all in it. A world that can deal with the problems and challenges that will occur with strength of vision towards inclusion.

This one man cannot be expected to solve all our ills. But he offers a change from the cynicism that has infected our country for far too long. The problems are many, but with an energized electorate with eyes wide open and a President who understands what this country was built on maybe now we can see ourselves in the reflection of the eyes of the world, and like what we see.

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Malcolm said...

I woke up the next day thinking: "Did I dream that or..." Great moments to share with family!